Relationship Matrices for Diploid and Autopolyploid Species

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Documentation for package ‘AGHmatrix’ version 2.0.4

Help Pages

Amatrix Construction of Relationship Matrix A
AmatrixPolyCross Construction of pedigree-based relationship matrix with parental guessing possibility
datatreat Organizes pedigree data in a chronological way
filterpedigree Filter the pedigree to keep only the genealogy of a subset of individuals
formatmatrix Transform a matrix in 3 columns
Gmatrix Construction of Relationship Matrix G
Hmatrix Construction of Combined Relationship Matrix H
missingdata Survying on missing data
ped.mrode Pedigree Data
ped.sol Pedigree data for autopolyploid examples
snp.pine Molecular data for diploid examples
snp.sol Molecular data for autopolyploid examples