Relationship Matrices for Diploid and Autopolyploid Species

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Documentation for package ‘AGHmatrix’ version 2.1.4

Help Pages

Amatrix Construction of Relationship Matrix A
AmatrixPolyCross Construction of pedigree-based relationship matrix with parental guessing possibility
datatreat Organizes pedigree data in a chronological way
expandAmatrix Add new crosses to a current A matrix
filterpedigree Filter the pedigree to keep only the genealogy of a subset of individuals
formatmatrix Transform a matrix in 3 columns
Gmatrix Construction of Relationship Matrix G
Hmatrix Construction of Combined Relationship Matrix H
Mcheck Check and filter markers
missingdata Survying on missing data
ped.mrode Pedigree Data
ped.sol Pedigree data for autopolyploid examples
snp.pine Molecular data for diploid examples
snp.sol Molecular data for autopolyploid examples