Bioclimatic Analysis and Classification

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Documentation for package ‘bioclim’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

bbRast Bioclimatic Balance
biobal Computation of Bioclimatic Balance
biobalRaster Computation of Bioclimatic Balance (raster mode)
bioclim_report Function to create individual complete report
bioint Computation of Bioclimatic Intensities
biointRaster Computation of Bioclimatic Intensities (raster mode)
biotype Bioclimatic classification
biotypeRaster Bioclimatic classification (raster mode)
ith Function to calculate Thornthwaite’s index
ithRaster Function to calculate Thornthwaite’s index (raster format)
plotBiobal Function to plot bioclimatic balance
plotWatbal Function to plot water balance
plotWL Function to plot Walter and Lieth diagram
postemp Function to Positive Temperature index
preRast Monthly precipitation
thermind Function to Compensated Thermal Index
thornthwaite Function to calculate Thornthwaite potential evapotranspiration
tmpRast Monthly temperature
watbal Function to calculate water balance
watbalRaster Water balance in raster format
wbRast Water Balance