Clustering of Short Texts by Mixture of Unigrams and Its Deep Extensions

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Documentation for package ‘deepMOU’ version 0.1.1

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Abstracts Abstracts dataset
bubble_clust Bubble plot
cl_CNAE Classification labels of the CNAE2 data set
CNAE2 CNAE dataset on classes 4 and 9
deep_mou_gibbs Deep Mixture of Unigrams
dir_mult_GD Dirichlet-Multinomial mixture model by Gradient Descend algorithm
heatmap_words Heatmap of word frequencies by cluster
mou_EM Mixture of Unigrams by Expectation-Maximization algorithm
plot.deepMOU Plotting method for "shallow" and deep mixtures of Unigrams and mixtures of Dirichlet-Multinomials
words_freq_plot Graph of most frequent words of each cluster