Configural Frequency Analysis (CFA)

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Documentation for package ‘cfa’ version 0.10-0

Help Pages

bcfa Bootstrap-CFA
cfa Analysis of configuration frequencies
fCFA Stepwise CFA approaches
hcfa Hierachical analysis of configuration frequencies
kvCFA Stepwise CFA approaches
mcfa Two or more-sample CFA
plot.bcfa Plotting method for a bcfa object
plot.hcfa Plotting method for a hcfa object
plot.mcfa Plotting method for a mcfa object
plot.scfa Plotting method for a scfa object
print.bcfa Print an object of the class hcfa
print.fCFA Stepwise CFA approaches
print.hcfa Print an object of the class hcfa
print.kvCFA Stepwise CFA approaches
print.mcfa Print an object of the class mcfa
print.scfa Print an object of the class scfa
PXisM Test according to Lindner
PXisMclassic Test according to Lindner
scfa One sample CFA
summary.fCFA Stepwise CFA approaches
summary.kvCFA Stepwise CFA approaches