Bland-Altman Method Comparison

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Documentation for package ‘blandr’ version 0.5.1

Help Pages

bland.altman.PEFR.1986 Sample PEFR comparison data from Bland-Altman (1986) Data preparation for method comparison analysis
blandr.dataset.fibre Function to load D'arbela mean velocity of circumferential fibre shortening dataset from internet
blandr.dataset.load Function to load example data sets
blandr.dataset.o2sats Function to load Bland-Altman oxygen saturation dataset from internet
blandr.dataset.pefr Function to load Bland-Altman PEFR dataset from internet
blandr.dataset.sbp Function to load Close systolic blood pressure dataset from internet
blandr.display.and.draw Bland-Altman display and draw for R
blandr.display.and.plot (DEPRECATED) Bland-Altman display and plot for R
blandr.draw Bland-Altman drawing function for R
blandr.method.comparison Bland-Altman method comparison Bland-Altman report generator
blandr.output.text Bland-Altman summary statistics display function
blandr.plot (DEPRECATED) Bland-Altman drawing function for R
blandr.plot.ggplot Bland-Altman plotting function, using ggplot2
blandr.plot.limits Bland-Altman plot limits for R
blandr.plot.normality Bland-Altman histogram and density plot
blandr.plot.qq Bland-Altman differences QQ plot
blandr.plot.rplot Bland-Altman plotting function, using basic R drawing functions
blandr.statistics Bland-Altman statistics for R
giavarina.2015 Sample comparison data from Giavarina (2015)
jamoviBAanalysis Bland-Altman Analysis
jamoviBAplotHistogram Differences Histogram and Density Curve
jamoviBAplotQQ Differences Q-Q Plot
jamoviBAstats Bland-Altman Raw Statistics