Auto Stats

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Documentation for package ‘autostats’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

auto_anova auto anova
auto_boxplot auto_boxplot
auto_cor auto correlation
auto_model_accuracy auto model accuracy
auto_tune_xgboost auto_tune_xgboost
auto_variable_contributions Plot Variable Contributions
f_charvec_to_formula charvec to formula
f_formula_to_charvec Formula_rhs to chr vec
f_modify_formula Modify Formula
plot_coefs_glm tidy glm
plot_ctree tidy ctree
plot_varimp_cforest tidy conditional inference forest
plot_varimp_xgboost tidy xgboost
tidy_cforest tidy conditional inference forest
tidy_ctree tidy ctree
tidy_formula tidy formula construction
tidy_glm tidy glm
tidy_xgboost tidy xgboost