Asking GPT About R Stuff

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Documentation for package ‘askgpt’ version 0.1.3

Help Pages

annotate_code Annotate R code with inline comments
askgpt Ask openai's GPT models a question
chat_api Request answer from openai's chat API
completions_api Request answer from openai's completions API
document_code Document R Code
estimate_token Estimate token count
explain_code Explain R code
improve_addin Improve code/documentation/writing using a prompt
list_models List Models
login Log in to OpenAI
log_init Initiate error logging
new_conversation Start a new conversation
parse_response Parse response from API functions
prompt_history Return the prompt/response history
response_history Return the prompt/response history
test_function Test R code
token_limits Max tokens limits of the different models
tutorialise_addin Turn R code into a tutorial