BRACoD: Bayesian Regression Analysis of Compositional Data

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Documentation for package ‘BRACoD.R’ version

Help Pages

convergence_tests Perform convergence tests on the p and beta variables
df_counts_obesity Example microbiome data
df_counts_obesity,df_scfa Example microbiome data
df_scfa Example microbiome data
install_bracod Install BRACoD in python
obesity Example microbiome data
remove_null Remove NULL values in your OTU and environmental variable
run_bracod Run the main BRACoD algorithm
scale_counts Normalize OTU counts and add a pseudo count
score Score the results of BRACoD
simulate_microbiome_counts Simulate microbiome counts
summarize_trace Summarize the results of BRACoD
threshold_count_data Threshold your microbiome counts data