Filtering Matrix for Flow Mapping

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Documentation for package ‘cartograflow’ version 1.0.5

Help Pages

cartograflow Cartograflow Package
flowanalysis Computation of a global concentration criterion of flows values or features
flowcarre Builds a square matrice from geographical nodes
flowcontig Builds an ordinal distance matrices from a spatial features background
flowdist Builds a continuous distance matrices from a spatial features background
flowgini Analysis of flow concentration (Gini coefficient)
flowjointure Builds a spatial join with a flow dataset
flowlowup Extracts the triangular sub-matrix of flows
flowmap Mapping of an origin-destination flow matrix
flowplaces Computes flow indicators per places
flowreduct Flow matrix reduction according to another matrix
flows MOBPRO: Commuting trips in 2015
flowstructmat Structuring a matrix
flowtabmat Changing the format of a flow dataset
flowtype Compute bilateral several flow types
geoid Geographical ID
mat_ex Example of a small matrice