Static Analysis of R-Code Dependencies

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Documentation for package ‘checkglobals’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

as.character.checkglobals Cast to character
as.character.checkglobalsg Cast to character
as.character.checkglobalsi Cast to character Cast to data.frame Cast to data.frame Cast to data.frame
as.matrix.checkglobals Cast to matrix
as.matrix.checkglobalsg Cast to matrix
as.matrix.checkglobalsi Cast to matrix
as_vector Cast to list vector generic
as_vector.checkglobals Cast to list vector
as_vector.checkglobalsg Cast to list vector
as_vector.checkglobalsi Cast to list vector
checkglobals Check R-source code or R-packages for globals and imports
check_pkg Check R-packages for globals and imports
check_source Check R-scripts, folders or R-code strings for globals and imports
print.checkglobals Print '"checkglobals"' object
print.checkglobalsg Print '"checkglobalsg"' object
print.checkglobalsi Print '"checkglobalsi"' object