Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables

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Documentation for package ‘deal’ version 1.2-42

Help Pages

as.network Tools for manipulating networks
autosearch Greedy search
banlist Tools for manipulating networks
banlist<- Tools for manipulating networks
drawnetwork Graphical interface for editing networks
genlatex From a network family, generate LaTeX output
genpicfile From a network family, generate LaTeX output
getnetwork Tools for manipulating networks
gettable Greedy search
gettrylist Tools for manipulating networks
heuristic Greedy search
insert Insert/remove an arrow in network
jointprior Calculates the joint prior distribution
ksl Health and social characteristics
learn Estimation of parameters in the local probability distributions
localposterior Local probability distributions
localprior Local probability distributions
localprob Local probability distributions
localprob<- Local probability distributions
makenw Tools for manipulating networks
makesimprob Make a suggestion for simulation probabilities
maketrylist Creates the full trylist
modelstring Tools for manipulating networks
network Bayesian network data structure
networkfamily Generates and learns all networks for a set of variables.
node Representation of nodes
nodes Representation of nodes
nodes<- Representation of nodes
numbermixed The number of possible networks
nwfsort Sorts a list of networks
perturb Perturbs a network
plot.network Bayesian network data structure
plot.networkfamily Generates and learns all networks for a set of variables.
plot.node Representation of nodes
print.network Bayesian network data structure
print.networkfamily Generates and learns all networks for a set of variables.
print.node Representation of nodes
prob Local probability distributions
prob.network Local probability distributions
prob.node Local probability distributions
rats Weightloss of rats
readnet Reads/saves .net file
remover Insert/remove an arrow in network
rnetwork Simulation of data sets with a given dependency structure
savenet Reads/saves .net file
score Network score
score.network Network score
score.node Network score
size Tools for manipulating networks
unique.networkfamily Makes a network family unique.