Handle Air Quality Data from the European Environment Agency Data Portal

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Documentation for package ‘EEAaq’ version 0.0.3

Help Pages

code_extr Extract numeric NUTS code from the chracter
EEAaq_export Export and save an 'EEAaq_df' class object
EEAaq_get_data Download air quality data at european level from the EEA download service
EEAaq_get_stations Download EEA measurement station information dataset
EEAaq_idw_map Build a spatial interpolation map based on the Inverse Distance Weighting technique.
EEAaq_import Reverse function of 'EEAaq_export'. Reads an 'EEAaq_df' object
EEAaq_map_stations Create a map representing the stations based on the data given in input or the information specified in the parameters
EEAaq_summary Generate an 'EEAaq_df' data summary
EEAaq_time_aggregate Time aggregation of an 'EEAaq_df' class object.
is_EEAaq_df Check if a given object is an 'EEAaq_df' class object
my_summarise Aggregate data based on a specific statistic
pollutants Dataset containing information about the available pollutants
stations Air quality measurement stations information.