Bayesian Estimation of an Exploratory Deterministic Input, Noisy and Gate Model

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Documentation for package ‘edina’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

as_q_matrix Coerce 'data.frame' and 'matrix' classes to Q Matrix. Coerce 'data.frame' and 'matrix' classes to Q Matrix.
as_q_matrix.default Coerce 'data.frame' and 'matrix' classes to Q Matrix.
as_q_matrix.matrix Coerce 'data.frame' and 'matrix' classes to Q Matrix.
autoplot.auto_edina Graph the Auto EDINA Object
auto_edina Auto EDINA model selection routine
best_model Extract the Best Model
best_model.auto_edina Extract the Best Model
BIC.edina Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC)
DIC Deviance Information Criterion (DIC)
DIC.edina Deviance Information Criterion (DIC)
edina EDINA Estimation Routine
extract_q_matrix Extract Q Matrix
extract_q_matrix.default Extract Q Matrix
extract_q_matrix.edina Extract Q Matrix
extract_q_matrix.q_matrix Extract Q Matrix
model_selection_graph View Model Selection Statistics Across Models
parameter_evolution_graph View Slipping and Guessing Parameter Changes Across Models
PPP Posterior Predictive Probabilities (PPPs)
PPP.edina Posterior Predictive Probabilities (PPPs)
print.auto_edina Print method for 'auto_edina'
print.edina Printing out the EDINA Object
print.q_matrix Printing out a Q Matrix Object
print.summary_auto_edina Print the 'auto_edina' model summary
print.summary_edina Printing out the Summary EDINA Object
q_graph Graph Q Matrix
q_graph.auto_edina Graph Q Matrix
q_graph.edina Graph Q Matrix
q_graph.matrix Graph Q Matrix
q_graph.q_matrix Graph Q Matrix
q_matrix Create a Q Matrix Object
summary.auto_edina Summarize 'auto_edina' model data
summary.edina Summarize the EDINA Object