Assessment of Stability of Individual Objects or Clusters in Partitioning Solutions

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Documentation for package ‘ClusterStability’ version 1.0.4

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ClusterStability-package Assessment of the stability of individual objects, clusters and a whole clustering solution based on repeated runs of a clustering algorithm.
a2combination Undocumented functions
calculate_global_PSG Undocumented functions
calculate_indices Undocumented functions
calculate_individual_PSG Undocumented functions
calculate_individual_PSG_approximative Undocumented functions
calculate_individual_PSG_exact Undocumented functions
calculate_singleton Undocumented functions
calinski_harabasz_score This function returns the Calinski Harabasz score.
ClusterStability Calculates the approximate stability score (_ST_) of individual objects in a clustering solution (the approximate version allowing one to avoid possible variable overflow errors).
ClusterStability_exact Calculates the exact stability score (_ST_) for individual objects in a clustering solution.
davies_bouldin_score This function returns the Davies Bouldin score.
dunn_score This function returns the Dunn_score.
is_partition_group Undocumented functions
Kcombination Kcombination returns the list of all possible combinations of a set of numbers of a given length _k_.
p_n_k Undocumented functions
p_tilde_n_k Undocumented functions
Reorder This function returns the ordering of a partitioning solution in ascending order.
Stirling2nd Stirling2nd function computes the Stirling numbers of the second kind.