Nested Data Summary and Adverse Events

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Documentation for package ‘BiostatsUHNplus’ version 0.0.9

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ae Simulated adverse events for patients receiving two study agents.
ae_timeline_plot Outputs related adverse event timeline plots including just system organ class (AE category), or system organ class and lowest level term (AE detail). This function can fit up to 5 different attributions. Modify width, height and scale parameters in ggsave() to customize fit for large plot.
as_numeric_parse Modification of the as.numeric function that prints entries that fail to parse as a message
caterpillar_plot Caterpillar plot. Useful for plotting random effects from hierarchical models, such as MCMCglmm::MCMCglmm() object, that have binary outcome.
covsum_nested Nested version of reportRmd covsum()
demography Simulated demography for patients.
drug1_admin Simulated study agent 1 for patients.
drug2_admin Simulated study agent 2 for patients.
dsmb_ccru Outputs the three DSMB-CCRU AE summary tables in Excel format per UHN template
enrollment Enrollment data Simulated enrollment for patients.
ineligibility Simulated ineligibility for patients.
nice_mcmcglmm Nice table of model output from MCMCglmm::MCMCglmm()
nice_mcmcglmm_icc Nice table of intraclass correlation coefficients from MCMCglmm::MCMCglmm() model output
rm_covsum_nested Outputs a nested version of reportRmd::rm_covsum()