Implementing BTYD Models with the Log Sum Exp Patch

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Documentation for package ‘BTYD’ version 2.4.3

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BTYD-package This project was funded and sponsored by Wharton Customer Analytics.

-- A --

addLogs Add Logs

-- B --

bgbb.ConditionalExpectedTransactions BG/BB Conditional Expected Transactions
bgbb.DERT BG/BB Discounted Expected Residual Transactions
bgbb.EstimateParameters BG/BB Parameter estimation
bgbb.Expectation BG/BB Expectation
bgbb.HeatmapHoldoutExpectedTrans BG/BB Heatmap of Holdout Period Expected Transactions
bgbb.LL BG/BB Log-Likelihood
bgbb.PAlive BG/BB P(Alive)
bgbb.PlotDropoutRateHeterogeneity BG/BB Plot Dropout Rate Heterogeneity
bgbb.PlotFrequencyInCalibration BG/BB Plot Frequency in Calibration Period
bgbb.PlotFrequencyInHoldout BG/BB Plot Frequency in Holdout
bgbb.PlotFreqVsConditionalExpectedFrequency BG/BB Plot Frequency vs Conditional Expected Frequency
bgbb.PlotRecVsConditionalExpectedFrequency BG/BB Plot Recency vs Conditional Expected Frequency
bgbb.PlotTrackingCum BG/BB Tracking Cumulative Transactions Plot
bgbb.PlotTrackingInc BG/BB Tracking Incremental Transactions Plot
bgbb.PlotTransactionRateHeterogeneity BG/BB Plot Transaction Rate Heterogeneity
bgbb.pmf BG/BB Probability Mass Function
bgbb.pmf.General BG/BB General Probability Mass Function
bgbb.PosteriorMeanDropoutRate BG/BB Posterior Mean Dropout Rate
bgbb.PosteriorMeanLmProductMoment BG/BB Posterior Mean (l,m)th Product Moment
bgbb.PosteriorMeanTransactionRate BG/BB Posterior Mean Transaction Rate
bgbb.rf.matrix.DERT BG/BB Discounted Expected Residual Transactions using a recency-frequency matrix
bgbb.rf.matrix.LL BG/BB Log-Likelihood using a recency-frequency matrix
bgbb.rf.matrix.PosteriorMeanDropoutRate BG/BB Posterior Mean Dropout Rate using a recency-frequency matrix
bgbb.rf.matrix.PosteriorMeanTransactionRate BG/BB Posterior Mean Transaction Rate using a recency-frequency matrix BG/NBD Log-Likelihood Wrapper
bgnbd.ConditionalExpectedTransactions BG/NBD Conditional Expected Transactions
bgnbd.EstimateParameters BG/NBD Parameter Estimation
bgnbd.Expectation BG/NBD Expectation
bgnbd.ExpectedCumulativeTransactions BG/NBD Expected Cumulative Transactions
bgnbd.generalParams Define general parameters
bgnbd.LL BG/NBD Log-Likelihood
bgnbd.PAlive BG/NBD P(Alive)
bgnbd.PlotDropoutRateHeterogeneity BG/NBD Plot Dropout Probability Heterogeneity
bgnbd.PlotFrequencyInCalibration BG/NBD Plot Frequency in Calibration Period
bgnbd.PlotFreqVsConditionalExpectedFrequency BG/NBD Plot Frequency vs. Conditional Expected Frequency
bgnbd.PlotRecVsConditionalExpectedFrequency BG/NBD Plot Actual vs. Conditional Expected Frequency by Recency
bgnbd.PlotTrackingCum BG/NBD Tracking Cumulative Transactions Plot
bgnbd.PlotTrackingInc BG/NBD Tracking Incremental Transactions Comparison
bgnbd.PlotTransactionRateHeterogeneity BG/NBD Plot Transaction Rate Heterogeneity
bgnbd.pmf BG/NBD Probability Mass Function
bgnbd.pmf.General Generalized BG/NBD Probability Mass Function
BTYD This project was funded and sponsored by Wharton Customer Analytics.

-- C --

cdnowElog CDNOW event log data
cdnowSummary CDNOW repeat transaction data summary

-- D --

dc.BuildCBSFromCBTAndDates Build CBS matrix from CBT matrix
dc.BuildCBTFromElog Build Customer-by-Time Matrix from Event Log
dc.check.model.params Check model params Compress Customer-by-Sufficient-Statistic (CBS) Matrix
dc.CreateFreqCBT Create Frequency Customer-by-Time Matrix
dc.CreateReachCBT Create Reach Customer-by-Time Matrix
dc.CreateSpendCBT Create Spend Customer-by-Time Matrix
dc.CumulativeToIncremental Cumulative to Incremental
dc.DissipateElog Dissipate Event Log
dc.ElogToCbsCbt Convert Event Log to CBS and CBT Matrices
dc.FilterCustByBirth Filter Customer by Birth
dc.GetFirstPurchasePeriodsFromCBT Get First Purchase Periods from Customer-by-Time Matrix
dc.GetLastPurchasePeriodsFromCBT Get Last Purchase Periods from Customer-by-Time Matrix
dc.InputCheck Check the inputs to functions that use this common pattern
dc.MakeRFmatrixCal Make Calibration Period Recency-Frequency Matrix
dc.MakeRFmatrixHoldout Make Holdout Period Recency-Frequency Matrix
dc.MakeRFmatrixSkeleton Make Recency-Frequency Matrix Skeleton
dc.MergeCustomers Merge Customers
dc.MergeTransactionsOnSameDate Merge Transactions on Same Day
dc.PlotLogLikelihoodContour Plot Log-Likelihood Contour
dc.PlotLogLikelihoodContours Plot Log-Likelihood Contours
dc.ReadLines Read Lines
dc.RemoveTimeBetween Remove Time Between
dc.SplitUpElogForRepeatTrans Split Up Event Log for Repeat Transactions
dc.WriteLine Write Line
discreteSimElog Discrete simulated annual event log data
donationsSummary Discrete donation data summary

-- H --

h2f1 Use Bruce Hardie's Gaussian hypergeometric implementation

-- P -- Pareto/NBD Log-Likelihood
pnbd.ConditionalExpectedTransactions Pareto/NBD Conditional Expected Transactions
pnbd.DERT Pareto/NBD Discounted Expected Residual Transactions
pnbd.EstimateParameters Pareto/NBD Parameter Estimation
pnbd.Expectation Pareto/NBD Expectation
pnbd.ExpectedCumulativeTransactions Pareto/NBD Expected Cumulative Transactions
pnbd.generalParams Define general parameters
pnbd.LL Pareto/NBD Log-Likelihood
pnbd.PAlive Pareto/NBD P(Alive)
pnbd.Plot.DERT Pareto/NBD Plot Discounted Expected Residual Transactions
pnbd.PlotDropoutRateHeterogeneity Pareto/NBD Plot Dropout Rate Heterogeneity
pnbd.PlotFrequencyInCalibration Pareto/NBD Plot Frequency in Calibration Period
pnbd.PlotFreqVsConditionalExpectedFrequency Pareto/NBD Plot Frequency vs. Conditional Expected Frequency
pnbd.PlotRateHeterogeneity Plot Pareto/NBD Rate Heterogeneity
pnbd.PlotRecVsConditionalExpectedFrequency Pareto/NBD Plot Actual vs. Conditional Expected Frequency by Recency
pnbd.PlotTrackingCum Pareto/NBD Tracking Cumulative Transactions Plot
pnbd.PlotTrackingInc Pareto/NBD Tracking Incremental Transactions Comparison
pnbd.PlotTransactionRateHeterogeneity Pareto/NBD Plot Transaction Rate Heterogeneity
pnbd.pmf Pareto/NBD Probability Mass Function
pnbd.pmf.General Generalized Pareto/NBD Probability Mass Function

-- S --

spend.EstimateParameters Spend Parameter Estimation
spend.expected.value Conditional expected transaction value
spend.generalParams Define general parameters
spend.LL Spend Log-Likelihood
spend.marginal.likelihood Gamma-gamma marginal likelihood
spend.plot.average.transaction.value Plot Actual vs. Expected Average Transaction Value
subLogs Subtract Logs