R Client for 'Adobe Analytics' API 2.0

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Documentation for package ‘adobeanalyticsr’ version 0.4.0

Help Pages

auth_jwt Generate an Access Token for the Adobe Analytics v2.0 API
auth_oauth Generate an Access Token for the Adobe Analytics v2.0 API
aw_anomaly_report Anomaly Report
aw_auth Generate an Access Token for the Adobe Analytics v2.0 API
aw_auth_name Set authorization options
aw_auth_path Set authorization options
aw_auth_with Set authorization options
aw_freeform_table Get a freeform table
aw_get_calculatedmetrics Get a list of calculated metrics.
aw_get_dimensions Get list of dimensions
aw_get_metrics Get list of metrics
aw_get_projects Pull a list of projects
aw_get_project_config Pull a project configuration
aw_get_reportsuites Get list of report suites
aw_get_segments Get a list of segments
aw_get_tags Get a list of tags
aw_segment_table Get a segment-row freeform table
aw_token OAuth2 Token for Adobe Analytics (deprecated)
aw_workspace_report Use a prebuilt json query to pull a ranked report
cm_build Build a Calculated Metric
cm_copy Copy a Calculated Metric
cm_delete Delete A Calculated Metric Function
cm_formula Create A Calculated Metric Formula
cm_function Create A Calculated Metric Function
cm_update Update Calculated Metric Functions
cm_val Validate the definition of a Calculated Metric
get_cm_functions Get Calculated Metric Functions
get_me Get Company Ids
get_usage_logs Get a list of user usage
get_users Get list of users
proj_build Create a project in Adobe
proj_update Edit a project in Adobe
seg_build Build the Segment in Adobe Analytics
seg_con Create the segment container
seg_copy Copy a segment in Adobe Analytics
seg_delete Delete A Segment
seg_rule Create the segment rule
seg_seq Create the segment sequence container
seg_then Create the segment sequence then object
seg_update Update A Segment
seg_val Validate a segment
seg_verbs Verbs available in segment rules.
tags_add Add a tag to a component