Aggregation Trees

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Documentation for package ‘aggTrees’ version 2.0.0

Help Pages

avg_characteristics_rpart Leaves Average Characteristics
balance_measures Balance Measures
build_aggtree Aggregation Trees
causal_ols_rpart Estimation and Inference about the GATEs with rpart Objects
descriptive_arm Descriptive Statistics by Treatment Arm (Internal Use)
dr_scores Doubly-Robust Scores
estimate_rpart GATE Estimation with rpart Objects
expand_df Covariate Matrix Expansion
get_leaves Number of Leaves
inference_aggtree Aggregation Trees
leaf_membership Leaf Membership
log_ratio_sd Log Ratio of Standard Deviations (Internal Use)
node_membership Node Membership
normalized_diff Normalized Differences (Internal Use)
plot.aggTrees Plot Method for aggTrees Objects
print.aggTrees Print Method for aggTrees Objects
print.aggTrees.inference Print Method for aggTrees.inference Objects
rename_latex Renaming Variables for LATEX Usage (Internal Use)
sample_split Sample Splitting
subtree Subtree
summary.aggTrees Summary Method for aggTrees Objects