Tools to Create, Use, and Convert ecocomDP Data

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Documentation for package ‘ecocomDP’ version 1.2.1

Help Pages

annotation_dictionary Annotations of published data
ants_L0_flat Joined and flat version of EDI data package knb-lter-hfr.118.33
ants_L1 The ecocomDP (L1) version of EDI data package knb-lter-hfr.118.33
calc_geo_extent_bounding_box_m2 Calculate geo_extent_bounding_box_m2 for the dataset_summary table
calc_length_of_survey_years Calculate length_of_survey_years for the dataset_summary table
calc_number_of_years_sampled Calculate number_of_years_sampled for the dataset_summary table
calc_std_dev_interval_betw_years Calculate std_dev_interval_betw_years for the dataset_summary table
convert_to_dwca Convert a dataset to the Darwin Core Archive format
create_dataset_summary Create the dataset_summary table
create_eml Create EML metadata
create_location Create the location table
create_location_ancillary Create the location_ancillary table
create_observation Create the observation table
create_observation_ancillary Create the observation_ancillary table
create_taxon Create the taxon table
create_taxon_ancillary Create the taxon_ancillary table
create_variable_mapping Create the variable_mapping table
flatten_data Flatten a dataset
plot_sample_space_time Plot dates and times samples were collected or observations were made
plot_sites Plot sites on US map
plot_taxa_abund Plot mean taxa abundances per 'observation_id'
plot_taxa_accum_sites Plot taxa accumulation by site accumulation
plot_taxa_accum_time Plot taxa accumulation through time
plot_taxa_diversity Plot diversity (taxa richness) through time
plot_taxa_occur_freq Plot taxon occurrence frequencies
plot_taxa_rank Plot taxa ranks
plot_taxa_sample_time Plot dates and times samples were taken (DEPRECATED)
plot_taxa_shared_sites Plot number of unique taxa shared across sites
read_data Read published data
save_data Save a dataset
search_data Search published data
validate_data Validate tables against the model
write_tables Write tables to file