Cardiovascular and Autonomic Research Design

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Documentation for package ‘card’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

augment.cosinor Augment data with information from a 'cosinor' object
build_sequential_models Model Building
circ_center Center Time Around a Zeitgeiber
circ_compare_groups Compare Repeated Measurements by Group
circ_odds Odds Ratio Table by Time Point
circ_rad Convert Time to Radians
circ_sun Sunrise and Sunset Times
cosinor Fit a 'cosinor' Fit a 'cosinor'
cosinor.default Fit a 'cosinor'
cosinor.formula Fit a 'cosinor'
cosinor.matrix Fit a 'cosinor'
cosinor.recipe Fit a 'cosinor'
cosinor_area Area of Ellipse
cosinor_features Multiple Component Cosinor Features
cosinor_goodness_of_fit Goodness of Fit of Cosinor
cosinor_zero_amplitude Zero Amplitude Test
geh GEH parameters in a large clinical cohort
geom_residuals Plotting Residual of a Model
ggcircadian Circadian Plot by Group
ggcosinor ggplot of cosinor model
ggellipse Graphical Assessment of Amplitude and Acrophase
ggerror Plotting Error of Models
ggforest Forest Plot of Hourly Odds
heart-class 'heart' class
hrv Output from MATLAB HRV Toolbox
hrv_linear_model HRV Linear Modeling
mims Recurrent event sample data
predict.cosinor Predict from a 'cosinor'
proc_hrv_matlab Process Toolbox HRV
read_hrv_matlab Read in Toolbox HRV
recurrent_model_building Recurrent Event Sequential Model Building
recurrent_propensity Propensity Score Weighting
recur_followup_table Initial and Final Visit Table
recur_summary Recurrent Event Summary Table by Group
recur_survival_table Recurrent Survival Data Format
tidy.cosinor Tidy a(n) cosinor object
triplets Hourly time series data with clinical covariates
twins Hourly time series data with clinical covariates
zipcode Zipcodes with Associated Latitude and Longitude