Power Calculations for Assessing Correlates of Risk in Clinical Efficacy Trials

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Documentation for package ‘CoRpower’ version 1.0.4

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computeN Estimation of Size and Numbers of Cases and Controls in the Target Population of Active Treatment Recipients At Risk at the Biomarker Sampling Timepoint
computePower Power Calculations for Assessing Intermediate Biomarkers as Correlates of Risk in the Active Treatment Group in Clinical Efficacy Trials, Accounting for Biomarker's Measurement Error and Treatment Efficacy
plotPowerCont Plotting of Power Curve versus Correlate of Risk Effect Size for Continuous Biomarkers
plotPowerTri Plotting of Power versus Correlate of Risk Effect Size for Dichotomous and Trichotomous Biomarkers
plotROCcurveTri Plotting of ROC Curves for Trichotomous Biomarkers
plotRRgradVE Plotting of the Ratio of Relative Risks for Higher/Lower Latent Subgroups against Correlate of Risk Effect Size for Trichotomous Biomarkers
plotVElatCont Plotting Treatment (Vaccine) Efficacy Curves for Different Correlate of Risk Relative Risks for Continuous Biomarkers