Sample Size and Power Calculations using the APPLE, SEPPLE, APPLE+ and SEPPLE+ Methods

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Documentation for package ‘DelayedEffect.Design’ version 1.1.2

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data Data for examples
DelayedEffect.Design Sample size and power calculations using the APPLE, SEPPLE, APPLE+ and SEPPLE+ methods
GPW.logrank Generalized Piecewise Weighted Logrank Test
HR.APPLE APPLE hazard ratio computation APPLE+ hazard ratio computation
N.APPLE APPLE sample size computation APPLE+ sample size computation
pow.APPLE APPLE power computation APPLE+ power computation
pow.SEPPLE SEPPLE power computation SEPPLE+ power computation
pow.SEPPLE.random.DE SEPPLE+ power computation
pow.sim.logrk Simulated log-rank power computation
pow.sim.logrk.random.DE Simulated log-rank power computation