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Documentation for package ‘databraryr’ version 0.6.4

Help Pages

assign_constants Download Databrary Constants From API.
check_ssl_certs Check SSL Certificates For
DATABRARY_API Load Package-wide Constants into Local Environment
download_asset Download Asset From Databrary.
download_party Download Information About a Party on Databrary.
download_party_avatar Returns the Avatar(s) (images) for Authorized User(s).
download_session_asset Download Asset From Databrary.
download_session_assets_fr_df Download Asset From A Databrary Session.
download_session_csv Download Session Spreadsheet As CSV
download_session_zip Download Zip Archive From Databrary Session.
download_single_session_asset_fr_df Download Single Asset From Databrary
download_video Download Video From Databrary.
download_volume_zip Download Zip Archive of All Data in a Volume.
get_assets_from_session Helper function for list_volume_assets
get_asset_segment_range Get Time Range For An Asset.
GET_db_contents Queries the Databrary API with an HTML GET command
get_db_stats Get Stats About Databrary.
get_file_duration Get Duration (In ms) Of A File.
get_party_as_df Retrieve Party (Person/Institution) Info as Data Frame.
get_party_by_id Download Information About a Party on Databrary as JSON
get_permission_levels Extract Databrary Permission Levels.
get_release_levels Show Databrary Release Levels
get_session_as_df Get Session Info From A Volume As A Data Frame.
get_session_by_id Get Session (Slot) Data From A Databrary Volume
get_session_by_name Get Session (Slot) Data From A Databrary Volume By Session Name.
get_supported_file_types Extracts File Types Supported by Databrary.
get_video_stats Report Stats About Videos in a Volume.
get_volume_by_id Get Data From A Databrary Volume
HHMMSSmmm_to_ms Convert Timestamp String To ms.
is_institution Is This Party An Institution?
is_person Is This Party A Person?
list_affiliates List Affiliates for A Databrary Party.
list_assets_by_type List Stored Assets (Files) By Type.
list_assets_in_session Assets In Databrary Session.
list_assets_in_volume List Assets in a Databrary Volume.
list_asset_formats List Stored Assets (Files) By Type.
list_authorized_investigators List Authorized Investigators at Institution
list_containers_records List Containers and Records In Databrary Volume.
list_individual_sponsors List A Party's Individual Sponsors.
list_institutional_sponsors List Institutional Sponsors For A Party.
list_party List Data For A Party (person or institution).
list_party_affiliates List Affiliates For A Party
list_party_sponsors List Sponsors For A Party
list_party_volumes List Volumes For A Party
list_people List Info About People.
list_sessions Download Information About A Volume or Volume's Sessions.
list_sessions_in_volume List Sessions in a Volume.
list_session_activity List Activity History in Databrary Session.
list_session_assets List Assets in a Databrary Session.
list_specified_assets_in_session Lists assets in a given Databrary session (slot).
list_sponsors List Sponsors For A Party
list_volume List Info for a Databrary Volume.
list_volume_activity List Activity In A Databrary Volume
list_volume_assets List Assets in Databrary Volume.
list_volume_excerpts List Image or Video Excerpts On A Databrary Volume.
list_volume_funding Lists Funders Associated With a Databrary Volume.
list_volume_links Retrieves URL Links From A Databrary Volume.
list_volume_metadata List Volume Metadata.
list_volume_owners List Owners of a Databrary Volume.
list_volume_sessions List Sessions in Databrary Volume.
list_volume_session_assets List Assets in a Session from a Databrary volume.
list_volume_tags Lists Keywords And Tags For A Volume.
login_db Log In To
logout_db Log Out of
make_default_request Set default httr request parameters.
make_fn_portable Make Portable File Names
make_login_client Log In To
read_csv_data_as_df Download Stored CSV As Data Frame.
search_for_funder Report Information About A Funder.
search_for_keywords Search For Keywords in Databrary Volumes.
search_for_tags Search For Tags on Volumes or Sessions.
summarize_videos_in_volume Summarize Data About Videos in Databrary Volume.