Climate Window Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘climwin’ version 1.2.3

Help Pages

autowin Test for auto-correlation in climate.
Chaff Annual laying date of breeding common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs).
ChaffClim Daily climate data from 1965 to 2012.
crosswin Test the correlation between two climate variables.
explore Visualise the weight distribution for given parameter values
Mass Chick body mass data since 1979.
MassClimate Daily climate data since 1979.
MassOutput Example output dataframe from function slidingwin.
MassRand Example output dataframe from function randwin.
medwin Determine the median start and end time for climate windows
merge_results Merge two slidingwin analyses.
Monthly_data Monthly temperature data
Offspring Reproductive success of birds since 2009.
OffspringClimate Daily climate data since 2009.
plotall Visualise climate window data
plotbest Visualise the best climate window
plotbetas Plot model beta estimates
plotcor Visualise climate cross correlation or autocorrelation.
plotdelta Plot deltaAICc of models
plothist Create a histogram of randomised deltaAICc values
plotweights Plot distribution of model weights
plotwin Plot the start and end time of best climate windows
pvalue Determine the probability that a given climate signal is 'true'.
randwin Climate window analysis for randomised data
singlewin Fit a single climate window
Size Average size of red winged fairy wren (Malurus elegans) chicks.
SizeClimate Daily climate data from 2006 to 2015.
slidingwin Test for a climate windows in data.
weightwin Find a weighted climate window
wgdev Calculate within group deviance.
wgmean Calculate within group means.