A Method to Estimate the Accuracy and Biogeographical Status of Georeferenced Biological Data

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Documentation for package ‘bRacatus’ version 1.0.11

Help Pages

accuracy accuracy
availableCountries availableCountries
biogeoStatus biogeoStatus
countryChecklist countryChecklists
getOcc getOcc
giftRegions giftRegions
giveOcc Input occurrence data
giveRegions giveRegions
glonafRegions glonafRegions
H_mirandae_sp Hemitriccus mirandae spatialPoints exemplary file
ID_raster Cell ID raster
Model_accuracy Accuracy model
Model_biogeo Biogeographical model
occSpatialPoints occSpatialPoints
plotAccuracy plotAccuracy
plotBiogeoStatus plotBiogeoStatus
plotOcc plotOcc
plotRefReg plotRefRef
pts pts example 1
pts2 pts example 2
rangeMaps rangeMaps
Range_Phalanger_orientalis Range Phalanger orientalis
signalCalculation signalCalculation
signals signals example 1
signals_2 signals example 2
signals_3 signals example 3