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Documentation for package ‘ceterisParibus’ version 0.4.2

Help Pages

+.plot_ceteris_paribus_explainer Add More Layers to a Ceteris Paribus Plot
calculate_oscillations Calculate Oscillations for Ceteris Paribus Explainer
calculate_profiles Calculate Ceteris Paribus Profiles
calculate_profiles_lce Calculate Local Conditional Expectation profiles
calculate_variable_splits Calculate Split Points for Selected Variables
ceteris_paribus Ceteris Paribus Explainer
ceteris_paribus_layer Add Layer to the Ceteris Paribus Plot
local_conditional_expectations Local Conditional Expectation Explainer
local_fit Local Fit / Wangkardu Explanations
plot.ceteris_paribus_explainer Plot Ceteris Paribus Explanations
plot.ceteris_paribus_oscillations Plot Ceteris Paribus Oscillations
plot.local_fit_explainer Local Fit Plots / Wangkardu Explanations
plot.what_if_2d_explainer Plot What If 2D Explanations
plot.what_if_explainer Plot What If Explanations
plot_interactive Plots Interactive What-If Explanations
plot_interactive.default Plots Interactive What-If Explanations
plot_interactive.what_if_explainer Plots Interactive What-If Explanations
print.ceteris_paribus_explainer Print Ceteris Paribus Explainer Summary
print.ceteris_paribus_profile Print Ceteris Paribus Profiles
print.local_fit_explainer Prints Local Fit / Wangkardu Summary
print.plot_ceteris_paribus_explainer Print Ceteris Paribus Explainer Summary
print.what_if_2d_explainer Print What If 2D Explainer Summary
print.what_if_explainer Print What If Explainer Summary
select_neighbours Select Subset of Rows Closest to a Specified Observation
select_sample Select Subset of Rows
what_if What-If Plot
what_if_2d What-If 2D Plot