Treatment Effects with Multiple Periods and Groups

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Documentation for package ‘did’ version 2.1.2

Help Pages

aggte Aggregate Group-Time Average Treatment Effects
att_gt Group-Time Average Treatment Effects
build_sim_dataset build_sim_dataset
conditional_did_pretest Pre-Test of Conditional Parallel Trends Assumption
did Difference in Differences
DIDparams DIDparams
ggdid Plot 'did' objects using 'ggplot2'
ggdid.AGGTEobj Plot 'AGGTEobj' objects
ggdid.MP Plot 'MP' objects using 'ggplot2'
glance.AGGTEobj glance model characteristics from AGGTEobj objects
glance.MP glance model characteristics from MP objects
indicator indicator
mboot Multiplier Bootstrap
mpdta County Teen Employment Dataset
pre_process_did Process 'did' Function Arguments
print.AGGTEobj print.AGGTEobj
print.MP print.MP
process_attgt Process Results from 'compute.att_gt()'
reset.sim reset.sim
sim sim
summary.AGGTEobj Summary Aggregate Treatment Effect Parameter Objects
summary.MP summary.MP
summary.MP.TEST summary.MP.TEST
test.mboot Multiplier Bootstrap for Conditional Moment Test
tidy.AGGTEobj tidy results from AGGTEobj objects
tidy.MP tidy results from MP objects
trimmer trimmer