Computes Statistics from Discrimination Experimental Data

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Documentation for package ‘callback’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

callback Data formatting
gender1 Gender/Maternity discrimination (commercial and administrative jobs in the financial sector)
inter1 Gender/Origin discrimination (software developer)
labour1 Labour market history discrimination (accountants)
labour2 Labour market history discrimination (sales assistant)
media1 Origin/Gender discrimination and strongly negative mediatic exposure (information technologist)
mobility1 Gender discrimination and mobility (management controller)
origin1 Origin discrimination (accountants)
origin2 Origin discrimination (waiters)
print.callback Prints the structure of the experiment
print.stat_comp Print the callback comparison statistics
print.stat_count Print the callback counts analysis
print.stat_prop Print the callback proportions analysis
stat_comp Comparison statistics on matched data
stat_count Callback counts on paired data
stat_prop Callback rates on paired data