Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘baytrends’ version 2.0.9

Help Pages

analysisOrganizeData Analysis Organization & Data Preparation
baytrends baytrends: Long Term Water Quality Trend Analysis
closeOut Document Processing Time and Other Session Time
createResiduals Calculate GAM residuals
dataCensored Chesapeake Bay Program Monitoring Data, 1985-2016
detrended.flow Create Seasonally Detrended Flow Data Set
detrended.salinity Create Seasonally Detrended Salinty Data Set
gamDiff Compute an estimate of difference based on GAM results
gamPlotDisp Plot censored gam fits vs. time
gamPlotDispSeason Plot censored gam fits vs. time
gamTest Perform GAM analysis
gamTestSeason Perform GAM analysis for Specified Season
impute Impute Censored Values
imputeDF Impute Censored Values in dataframes
layerAggregation Aggregate data layers
layerLukup Layer List
loadData Load/Clean CSV and TXT Data File
loadExcel Load/Clean Excel sheet
loadModels Load Built-in GAM formulas
loadModelsResid Load Built-in GAM formulas for calculating residuals
makeSurvDF Convert dataframe to include survival (Surv) objects
nobs Compute the Number of Non-Missing Observations
parameterList Parameter List
sal Salinity data
saveDF Save R object to disk
selectData Select data for analysis from a larger data frame
stationMasterList Chesapeake Bay Program long-term tidal monitoring stations
unSurv Converts Surv object into a 3-column matrix
unSurvDF Converts Surv objects in a dataframe to "lo" and "hi" values
usgsGages USGS Gages