Utilities for Certara's Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Modeling Engine

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Documentation for package ‘Certara.NLME8’ version 1.2.4

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checkGCC Checks the local host for GCC version in the path
checkInstallDir Checks the given directory for the files required for NLME run
checkLicenseFile Checks if NLME run is licensed
checkMPISettings Check MPI settings for the given local host
checkRootDir Check NLME ROOT DIRECTORY for the given local host
getTableNames Table names from the column definition file
performBootstrap NLME Bootstrap Function
performEstimationOnSortColumns Sort specification for multiple estimations
performParallelNLMERun Runs a set of NLME jobs in parallel
performProfileEstimation NLME a profile estimation run on list of fixed effects
performShotgunCovarSearch Shotgun covariate search
performStepwiseCovarSearch NLME stepwise covariate search
reconnectToBootstrapNLMERun Use to reconnect to a grid job
UpdateMDLfrom_dmptxt Update Model text file from NLME output File