An R Implementation of the 'Align-GVGD' Method

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Documentation for package ‘agvgd’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

agvgd Align-GVGD (A-GVGD)
alignment_file Pre-bundled alignments
amino_acids The 20 standard amino acids
cpv_ranges Determine CPV ranges
dev Deviation function
gd Grantham deviation
gv Grantham variation
poi_to_res Convert an alignment position to residue position
profile_to_alignment Converts a sequence profile to an alignment
read_alignment Read a protein sequence multiple alignment
read_substitutions Read a file with amino acid substitutions
res_to_poi Convert a residue position to an alignment position
write_alignment Export an alignment to FASTA
write_substitutions Generate and export a list of substitutions