Conduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses

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Documentation for package ‘biwavelet’ version 0.20.21

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biwavelet-package Conduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses
ar1.spectrum Power spectrum of a random red noise process
ar1_ma0_sim Slightly faster 'arima.sim' implementation which assumes AR(1) and 'ma=0'.
arrow Helper function for 'phase.plot' (not exported)
arrow2 This is an alternative helper function that plots arrows. It uses 'text()' to print a character using a default font. This way, it is possible to render different types of arrows.
biwavelet Conduct Univariate and Bivariate Wavelet Analyses Check the format of time series
check.datum Helper function
convolve2D Fast column-wise convolution of a matrix
convolve2D_typeopen Speed-optimized version of convolve2D Multivariate ENSO (MEI), NPGO, and PDO indices
get_minroots Helper function (not exported)
MOTHERS Supported mother wavelets
phase.plot Plot phases with arrows
plot.biwavelet Plot 'biwavelet' objects
pwtc Compute partial wavelet coherence
rcpp_row_quantile Row-wise quantile of a matrix
rcpp_wt_bases_dog Optimized "" function.
rcpp_wt_bases_morlet Optimized "wt.bases.morlet" function.
rcpp_wt_bases_paul Optimized "wt.bases.paul" function.
smooth.wavelet Smooth wavelet in both the time and scale domains
wclust Compute dissimilarity between multiple wavelet spectra
wdist Compute dissimilarity between two wavelet spectra
wt Compute wavelet transform
wt.bases Compute wavelet Helper method (not exported)
wt.bases.morlet Helper method (not exported)
wt.bases.paul Helper method (not exported)
wt.sig Determine significance of wavelet transform
wtc Compute wavelet coherence
wtc.sig Determine significance of wavelet coherence
wtc_sig_parallel Parallel 'wtc.sig'
xwt Compute cross-wavelet