Community Climate Statistics

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Documentation for package ‘comclim’ version 0.9.6

Help Pages

comclim-package Community climate analysis
climatedeviations Reports community climate deviations.
climatestatistics Reports observed climate statistics
comclim Community climate analysis
communityclimate Community climate analysis
CommunityClimateInput-class Class '"CommunityClimateInput"'
CommunityClimateStatistics-class Class '"CommunityClimateStatistics"'
generatedemodata Simulation data for demonstration analyses.
inputcommunitydata Input data for community climate analysis
plot.CommunityClimateInput Pairs plot of species and regional pool in climate space
plot.CommunityClimateStatistics Draws community climate diagram.
summary.CommunityClimateInput Summarizes community climate input
summary.CommunityClimateStatistics Summarizes community climate statistics