A Family of Beta Mixture Models for Clustering Beta-Valued DNA Methylation Data

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Documentation for package ‘betaclust’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

betaclust The betaclust wrapper function
beta_k Fit the K.. model
beta_kn Fit the KN. model
beta_kr Fit the K.R Model
ecdf.betaclust The empirical cumulative distribution function plot
em_aic Akaike Information Criterion
em_bic Bayesian Information Criterion
em_icl Integrated Complete-data Likelihood (ICL) Criterion
legacy.data MethylationEPIC manifest data.
pca.methylation.data DNA methylation data from patients with prostate cancer
plot.betaclust Plots for visualizing the betaclust class object
summary.betaclust Summarizing the beta mixture model fits
threshold Thresholds under the K.. and the KN. models