Distributed-Lag Linear Structural Equation Models

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Documentation for package ‘dlsem’ version 2.4.6

Help Pages

dlsem-package Distributed-lag linear structural equation models
agres European agricultural data
as.graphNEL Conversion into the 'graphNEL' class
auto.lagPlot Automated plot of lag shapes
autoCode Automated model code
causalEff Assessment of dynamic causal effects
compareModels Comparison among different distributed-lag linear structural equation models
dlsem Parameter estimation
drawSample Sampling from a distributed-lag linear structural equation model
ecq Lag shape constructors
gam Lag shape constructors
industry Industrial development
isIndep Conditional independence check
lagPlot Plot of lag shapes
lagShapes Estimated lag shapes
ld Lag shape constructors
lmHAC Heteroskedasticty and autocorrelation consistent covariance matrix
qd Lag shape constructors
residualPlot Plot for diagnostics of the residuals in a distributed-lag structural equation model.
unirootTest Unit root test