AWS Lambda Client Package

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Documentation for package ‘aws.lambda’ version 0.2.0

Help Pages

create_function Manage AWS Lambda Functions
create_function_alias Alias Management
delete_function Function Management
delete_function_alias Alias Management
get_function Function Management
get_function_alias Alias Management
get_function_name Get name of Lambda function
get_function_name.aws_lambda_function Get name of Lambda function
get_function_name.character Get name of Lambda function
get_function_policy Function Management
get_lambda_account AWS Lambda Account Settings
invoke_function Invoke Lambda Function
lambdaHTTP Execute AWS Lambda API Request
list_functions Function Management
list_function_aliases Alias Management
list_function_versions Function Management
make_function_version Manage AWS Lambda Functions
publish_function_version Manage AWS Lambda Functions
update_function Manage AWS Lambda Functions
update_function_alias Alias Management
update_function_code Manage AWS Lambda Functions
update_function_config Manage AWS Lambda Functions