Access the 'Spark Catalog' API via 'sparklyr'

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Documentation for package ‘catalog’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

cache_table Cache And Uncache Tables
clear_cache Cache And Uncache Tables
create_table Create A Table
current_database Get The Current Database
database_exists Check If A Database Exists
drop_global_temp_view Temporary View
drop_temp_view Temporary View
function_exists Check If A Function Exists
get_function Get A Function
get_table Get A Table
is_cached Cache And Uncache Tables
list_columns List Columns
list_databases List Databases
list_functions List Functions
list_tables List Tables In A Spark Connection
recover_partitions Refreshing Data
refresh Refreshing Data
refresh_by_path Refreshing Data
refresh_table Refreshing Data
set_current_database Set The Current Database
table_exists Check If A Table Exists
uncache_table Cache And Uncache Tables