Continued Fraction Generators and Evaluators

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Documentation for package ‘contFracR’ version 1.2.1

Help Pages

contFracR-package Functions to generate and evaluate continued fractions
cfrac2latex Function which builds the LaTeX formula to display the continued fraction
cfrac2num Function to convert a defined set of numerators and denominators into the equivalent number.
cfrac2simple Function to Convert Continued Fraction to Simple Fraction.
contFracR Functions to generate and evaluate continued fractions
e2cfrac Function to Calculate e, Euler's Number With Continued Fractions
num2cfrac Function to Generate The Continued Fraction For a Number
pell Function to Solve Pell's Equation With Continued Fractions
phi2cfrac Function to Calculate Phi And Powers of Phi In Continued Fraction Form.
pi2cfrac Function to Calculate Pi In Continued Fraction Form
recipCfrac Function to Generate the Reciprocal of A Continued Fraction
root2cfrac Function To Generate Continued Fraction For Arbitrary Roots
sqrt2periodicCfrac Function To Generate Periodic Continued Fraction For Square Roots