Wrangle Campaign Finance Data

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Documentation for package ‘campfin’ version 1.0.11

Help Pages

%out% Inverted match
abbrev_full Abbreviate full strings
abbrev_state Abbreviate US state names
add_prop Add proportions
all_files_new Check if all files in a directory are new
check_city Check whether an input is a valid place with Google Maps API
col_date_mdy Parse USA date columns in readr functions
col_date_usa Parse USA date columns in readr functions
col_stats Apply a statistic function to all column vectors
count_diff Count set difference
count_in Count in
count_na Count missing
count_out Count out
dark2 Dark Color Palette
expand_abbrev Expand Abbreviations
expand_state Expand US state names
explore_plot Create Basic Barplots
extra_city Additional US City Names
fetch_city Return Closest Match Result of Cities from Google Maps API
file_age File modification date age
file_encoding File Encoding
flag_dupes Flag Duplicate Rows With New Column
flag_na Flag Missing Values With New Column
flush_memory Flush Garbage Memory
glimpse_fun Apply a statistic function to all column vectors
guess_delim Guess the delimiter of a text file
invalid_city Invalid City Names
invert_named Invert a named vector
is_abbrev Check if abbreviation
is_binary Check if Binary
is_even Check if even
keypad_convert Convert letters or numbers to their keypad counterpart
most_common Find most common values
na_in Remove in
na_out Remove out
na_rep Remove repeated character elements
non_ascii Show non-ASCII lines of file
normal_address Normalize street addresses
normal_city Normalize city names
normal_phone Normalize phone number
normal_state Normalize US State Abbreviations
normal_zip Normalize ZIP codes
path.abbrev Abbreviate a file path
progress_table Create a progress table
prop_distinct Proportion missing
prop_in Proportion in
prop_na Proportion missing
prop_out Proportion out
read_names Read column names
rename_prefix Convert data frame name suffixes to prefixes
rx_break Form a word break regex pattern
rx_phone Phone number regex
rx_state State regex
rx_url URL regex
rx_zip ZIP code regex
scale_x_truncate Truncate and wrap x-axis labels
scale_x_wrap Truncate and wrap x-axis labels
str_dist Calculate string distance
str_normal Normalize a character string
this_file_new Check if a single file is new
url2path Make a File Path from a URL
url_file_size Check a URL file size
use_diary Create a new template data diary
usps_city USPS City Abbreviations
usps_state USPS State Abbreviations
usps_street USPS Street Abbreviations
valid_abb US State Abbreviations
valid_city US City Names
valid_name US State Names
valid_state US State Abbreviations
valid_zip Almost all of the valid USA ZIP Codes
what_in Which in
what_out Which out
zipcodes US City, state, and ZIP