Modelling Heterogeneity in Paired Comparison Data

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Documentation for package ‘BTLLasso’ version 0.1-11

Help Pages

BTLLasso-package BTLLasso
boot.BTLLasso Bootstrap function for BTLLasso
BTLLasso Function to perform BTLLasso
Buli1415 Bundesliga Data 2014/15 (Buli1415)
Buli1516 Bundesliga Data 2015/16 (Buli1516)
Buli1617 Bundesliga Data 2016/17 (Buli1617)
Buli1718 Bundesliga Data 2017/18 (Buli1718)
BuliResponse Bundesliga Data Response Data (BuliResponse)
ctrl.BTLLasso Control function for BTLLasso
cv.BTLLasso Cross-validation function for BTLLasso
GLES German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES)
GLESsmall Subset of the GLES data set with 200 observations and 4 covariates.
paths Plot covariate paths for BTLLasso
plot.boot.BTLLasso Plot bootstrap intervals for BTLLasso
plot.BTLLasso Plot parameter paths for BTLLasso
predict.BTLLasso Predict function for BTLLasso
print.boot.BTLLasso Print function for boot.BTLLasso objects
print.BTLLasso Print function for BTLLasso objects Print function for cv.BTLLasso objects
response.BTLLasso Create response object for BTLLasso
SimData Simulated data set for illustration