Antarctic Spatial Data Manipulation

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Documentation for package ‘CCAMLRGIS’ version 4.0.7

Help Pages

add_col Add colors
add_Cscale Add a color scale
add_labels Add labels
add_PieLegend Add a legend to Pies
add_RefGrid Add a Reference grid
assign_areas Assign point locations to polygons
Clip2Coast Clip Polygons to a simplified Antarctic coastline
Coast Simplified and subsettable coastline
create_Arrow Create Arrow
create_Lines Create Lines
create_Pies Create Pies
create_Points Create Points
create_PolyGrids Create a Polygon Grid
create_Polys Create Polygons
create_Stations Create Stations
Depth_cols Bathymetry colors
Depth_cols2 Bathymetry colors with Fishable Depth range
Depth_cuts Bathymetry depth classes
Depth_cuts2 Bathymetry depth classes with Fishable Depth range
get_C_intersection Get Cartesian coordinates of lines intersection in Euclidean space
get_depths Get depths of locations from a bathymetry raster
get_iso_polys Generate Polygons from Isobaths
GridData Example dataset for create_PolyGrids
Labels Polygon labels
LineData Example dataset for create_Lines
load_ASDs Load CCAMLR statistical Areas, Subareas and Divisions
load_Bathy Load Bathymetry data
load_Coastline Load the full CCAMLR Coastline
load_EEZs Load Exclusive Economic Zones
load_MAs Load CCAMLR Management Areas
load_MPAs Load CCAMLR Marine Protected Areas
load_RBs Load CCAMLR Research Blocks
load_SSMUs Load CCAMLR Small Scale Management Units
load_SSRUs Load CCAMLR Small Scale Research Units
PieData Example dataset for create_Pies
PieData2 Example dataset for create_Pies
PointData Example dataset for create_Points
PolyData Example dataset for create_Polys
project_data Project user-supplied locations
Rotate_obj Rotate object
seabed_area Calculate planimetric seabed area
SmallBathy Small bathymetry dataset