Automatic Calibration by Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm

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Documentation for package ‘caRamel’ version 1.3

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caRamel-package caRamel optimizer
boxes Box numbering for each points individual of the population
caRamel MAIN FUNCTION: multi-objective optimizer
Cextrap Extrapolation along orthogonal directions to the Pareto front in the space of the objectives
Cinterp Interpolation in simplexes of the objective space
Crecombination Recombination of the sets of parameters
Cusecovar New parameter vectors generation respecting a covariance structure
decrease_pop Decreasing of the population of parameters sets
Dimprove Determination of directions for improvement
dominate Successive Pareto fronts of a population
dominated Rows domination of a matrix by a vector
downsize Downsizing of a population to only one individual per box up to a given accuracy
matvcov Calculation of the variances-covariances matrix on the reference population
newXval Generation of a new population of parameter sets following the five rules of caRamel
pareto Indicates which rows are Pareto
plot_caramel Plotting of caRamel results
plot_pareto Plotting of a population of objectives and Pareto front
plot_population Plotting of a population of objectives
rselect Selection of n points
val2rank Converting the values of a vector into their rank
vol_splx Volume of a simplex