Endogenous Perturbation Analysis of Cancer

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Documentation for package ‘epoc’ version 0.2.6-1.1

Help Pages

as.graph.EPOCA EPoC
as.graph.EPOCG EPoC
epoc EPoC
epoc.bootplot epoc.bootstrap
epoc.bootstrap epoc.bootstrap
epoc.final epoc.bootstrap
epoc.lambdamax EPoC
epoc.survival epoc.survival
epoc.svd epoc.survival
epoc.svdplot epoc.survival
epoc.validation epoc.validation
epocA EPoC
epocG EPoC
modelselPlot Plot BIC, Mallow's Cp and lambda
plapply Parallell list apply
plot.bootsize epoc.bootstrap
plot.EPoC.survival epoc.survival
plot.EPoC.validation Plot model validation criteria
plot.EPoC.validation.pred Plot model validation criteria
plot.EPoC.validation.W Plot model validation criteria
plot.EPOCA Plot BIC, Mallow's Cp and lambda
plot.EPOCG Plot BIC, Mallow's Cp and lambda
predict.EPOCA EPoC
predict.EPOCG EPoC
print.EPOCA EPoC
print.EPOCG EPoC
print.summary.EPoC.survival epoc.survival
summary.EPoC.survival epoc.survival
summary.EPOCA EPoC
summary.EPOCG EPoC
synth Blinded cancer mRNA, CNA and survival data
write.sif EPoC