Bayesian Nonparametric Mixture Models

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Documentation for package ‘BNPmix’ version 1.0.2

Help Pages

BNPdens BNPdens class constructor
BNPdens2coda.BNPdens Export to coda interface
BNPpart BNPpart class constructor
dBNPdens.BNPdens Evaluate estimated univariate densities at a given point
DDPdensity MCMC for GM-dependent Dirichlet process mixtures of Gaussians
partition.BNPdens Estimate the partition of the data
plot.BNPdens Density plot for BNPdens class
print.BNPdens BNPdens print method
PYcalibrate Pitman-Yor prior elicitation
PYdensity MCMC for Pitman-Yor mixtures of Gaussians
PYregression MCMC for Pitman-Yor mixture of Gaussian regressions
summary.BNPdens BNPdens summary method