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Documentation for package ‘box.linters’ version 0.9.1

Help Pages

box_alphabetical_calls_linter 'box' library alphabetical module and function imports linter
box_default_linters Box-compatible default linters
box_func_import_count_linter 'box' library function import count linter
box_mod_fun_exists_linter 'box' library attached function exists and exported by called module linter
box_pkg_fun_exists_linter 'box' library attached function exists and exported by package linter
box_separate_calls_linter 'box' library separate packages and module imports linter
box_trailing_commas_linter 'box' library trailing commas linter
box_universal_import_linter 'box' library universal import linter
box_unused_attached_mod_linter 'box' library unused attached module linter
box_unused_attached_pkg_linter 'box' library unused attached package linter
box_unused_att_mod_obj_linter 'box' library unused attached module object linter
box_unused_att_pkg_fun_linter 'box' library unused attached package function linter
box_usage_linter 'box' library-aware object usage linter
r6_usage_linter R6 class usage linter
rhino_default_linters Rhino default linters
unused_declared_object_linter Unused declared function and data objects linter
use_box_lintr Use lintr with box.linters in your project