Bayesian Kernelized Tensor Regression

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Documentation for package ‘BKTR’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

*.Kernel Operator overloading for kernel multiplication
+.Kernel Operator overloading for kernel addition
BixiData BIXI Data Class
bixi_spatial_features Spatial Features of Montreal BIXI Stations in 2019
bixi_spatial_locations Spatial Locations of Montreal BIXI Stations in 2019
bixi_station_departures Daily Departure from BIXI Stations in 2019
bixi_temporal_features Temporal Features in Montreal applicable to BIXI for 2019
bixi_temporal_locations Temporal indices for the 2019 BIXI season
BKTRRegressor R6 class encapsulating the BKTR regression elements
CompositionOps Kernel Composition Operations
Kernel Base R6 class for Kernels
KernelAddComposed R6 class for Kernels Composed via Addition
KernelComposed R6 class for Composed Kernels
KernelMatern R6 class for Matern Kernels
KernelMulComposed R6 class for Kernels Composed via Multiplication
KernelParameter R6 class for kernel's hyperparameter
KernelPeriodic R6 class for Periodic Kernels
KernelRQ R6 class for Rational Quadratic Kernels
KernelSE R6 class for Square Exponential Kernels
KernelWhiteNoise R6 class for White Noise Kernels
plot_beta_dists Plot Beta Coefficients Distribution
plot_covariates_beta_dists Plot Beta Coefficients Distribution Regrouped by Covariates
plot_hyperparams_dists Plot Hyperparameters Distributions
plot_hyperparams_traceplot Plot Hyperparameters Traceplot
plot_spatial_betas Plot Spatial Beta Coefficients
plot_temporal_betas Plot Temporal Beta Coefficients
plot_y_estimates Plot Y Estimates
print.BKTRRegressor Print the summary of a BKTRRegressor instance
reshape_covariate_dfs Function used to transform covariates coming from two dataframes one for spatial and one for temporal into a single dataframe with the right shape for the BKTR Regressor. This is useful when the temporal covariates do not vary trough space and the spatial covariates do not vary trough time (Like in the BIXI example). The function also adds a column for the target variable at the beginning of the dataframe.
simulate_spatiotemporal_data Simulate Spatiotemporal Data Using Kernel Covariances.
summary.BKTRRegressor Summarize a BKTRRegressor instance
TensorOperator R6 singleton that contains the configuration for the tensor backend
TSR Tensor Operator Singleton