Functions and Data Sets for 'Applied Predictive Modeling'

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Documentation for package ‘AppliedPredictiveModeling’ version 1.1-7

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AppliedPredictiveModeling-package Data, Functions and Scripts for 'scriptLocation'
abalone Abalone Data
AppliedPredictiveModeling Data, Functions and Scripts for 'scriptLocation'
bio Hepatic Injury Data
bookTheme Lattice Themes
cars2010 Fuel Economy Data
cars2011 Fuel Economy Data
cars2012 Fuel Economy Data
chem Hepatic Injury Data
ChemicalManufacturingProcess Chemical Manufacturing Process Data
classes Two Class Example Data
concrete Compressive Strength of Concrete from Yeh (1998)
diagnosis Alzheimer's Disease CSF Data
easyBoundaryFunc Functions for Simulating Data
fingerprints Permeability Data
getPackages Install Packages for Each Chapter
injury Hepatic Injury Data
logisticCreditPredictions Logistic Regression Predictions for the Credit Data
mixtures Compressive Strength of Concrete from Yeh (1998)
permeability Permeability Data
permuteRelief Permutation Statistics for the Relief Algorithm
predictors Alzheimer's Disease CSF Data
quadBoundaryFunc Functions for Simulating Data
schedulingData HPC Job Scheduling Data
scriptLocation Find Chapter Script Files
segmentationOriginal Cell Body Segmentation
solTestX Solubility Data
solTestXtrans Solubility Data
solTestY Solubility Data
solTrainX Solubility Data
solTrainXtrans Solubility Data
solTrainY Solubility Data
trainX Solubility Data
transparentTheme Lattice Themes
twoClassData Two Class Example Data