Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables

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Documentation for package ‘ClustVarLV’ version 2.1.1

Help Pages

apples_sh apples from southern hemisphere data set
AUPA_psycho Psychological eating behavior data set
authen_NMR Authentication data set/ NMR spectra
block.scale Scaling of a three-way array
boot_clv Boostrapping for assessing the stability of a CLV result
ciders ciders data
CLV Hierarchical clustering of variables with consolidation
CLV3W Hierarchical clustering of variables (associated with mode 2 three-way array) with consolidation
CLV3W_kmeans Partitioning algorithm of a set of variables (associated with mode 2) oh a three-way array
CLV_kmeans K-means algorithm for the clustering of variables
coffee coffee data
data_biplot biplot for the dataset
get_comp latent components associated with each cluster
get_loading Loadings of the variables on the latent component, in each cluster.
get_partition clusters memberships for a partition into K clusters.
get_weight Weights of the external variables, or additional mode, on the latent component in each cluster.
imput_clv Imputation of a data matrix based on CLV results
LCLV L-CLV for L-shaped data
lm_CLV linear model based on CLV
plot.clv Graphical representation of the CLV clustering stages
plot.clv3w Graphical representation of the CLV3W hierarchical clustering stages
plot.lclv Graphical representation of the LCLV clustering stages
plot_var Representation of the variables and their group membership
plot_var.clv3w Scores plot from a Candecomp Parafac analysis. The group membership of the variables is superimposed.
predict.lmclv prediction for lmCLV models.
print.clv Print the CLV results
print.clv3w Print the CLV3W results
print.lclv Print the LCLV results
stand_quali Standardization of the qualitative variables
summary.clv summary and description of the clusters of variables
summary.clv3w Summary and description of the clusters of (mode 2) variables associated with CLV3W or CLV3W_kmeans