Ranked Voting Election Audits with Dirichlet-Trees

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Documentation for package ‘elections.dtree’ version 1.1.2

Help Pages

dirichlet_tree Create a Dirichlet-tree for modelling ranked ballots
dirtree Create a Dirichlet-tree object
dtree Create a Dirichlet-tree object
ranked_ballots Construct a set of ranked ballots.
read_ballots Read 'ranked_ballots' from a file.
reset Clear the internal state of a 'dirichlet_tree' object.
sample_posterior Draw election outcomes from the posterior distribution.
sample_predictive Draw ballots from the posterior predictive distribution.
social_choice Compute the outcome of an election.
social_choice.ranked_ballots Evaluate a social choice function on a set of 'ranked_ballots'.
update Update a 'dirichlet_tree' model by observing some ranked ballots.
update.dirichlet_tree Update a 'dirichlet_tree' model by observing some ranked ballots.
write_ballots Write 'ranked_ballots' to a file.
[.ranked_ballots Access Subsets of Ballots.
`[.ranked_ballots` Access Subsets of Ballots.