Bayesian Estimation of Incoherent Neutron Scattering Backgrounds

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Documentation for package ‘BBEST’ version 0.1-8

Help Pages

BBEST-package Bayesian Background Estimation.
BBEST Bayesian Background Estimation.
calc.Gr Calculate and plot the Pair Distribution Function Estimate background Estimate the background for individual banks
do.iter Estimate the background
fix.merge Merge .fix files
guide BBEST guide
mPlot.results Plot the background estimate
mPlot.results.banks Plot the background estimate for individual banks
mPlot.sqa Plot the total normalized scattering intensity function 'S(Q)' for individual detector banks Prepare data for estimating the background
Progress Reporting progress (object-oriented API)
Progress-class Reporting progress (object-oriented API)
progressInit Initialize progress Read data from file
read.sqa Read data from a '.sqa'-file
read.sqb Read data from a '.sqb'-file
runUI Start the GUI
set.control Set controls for the Differential Evolution Algorithm Set data
set.Gr Add information on the low-r behaviour of G(r)
set.lambda Set mean signal magnitude
set.SB Set the coherent baseline
set.sigma Set the experimental uncertainty
setProgress Reporting progress (functional API)
sqa.split Split .sqa file into individual files for each databank
test.signal A random function with a smooth background Truncate data
withProgress Reporting progress (functional API) Save results of the fit
write.fix Save a correction file for individual detector banks